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About SalesKarma


We help business leaders validate their growth strategy and identify and execute the top 2 – 3 opportunities to significantly impact sales results. Solutions include:  

  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • Roles, quotas and model design
  • Skills assessment and sales training
  • Interim sales leader, sales operations, and/or coaching
  • Compensation and incentives
  • Sales process and protocol
  • CRM technology and reporting
  • Sales support and tools
  • Inside sales and telemarketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Account planning
  • Best practices comparison analysis
  • Partner vendor management
  • Project management
  • Win loss reviews

As we've implemented these solutions for many complex businesses, we will deliver the appropriate solutions for your business quickly and efficiently. Further, where it makes sense to use your existing resources, we will do so to ensure transition success as well as to minimize cost. We often become an extension of your leadership team to achieve goals more quickly and free you up for more valued work.     

Founder: Michael Jackson

No, he's not the "King of Pop" but he's definitely a fan and can indeed moonwalk. Michael is a seasoned sales enablement professional with over twenty years of "in the trenches" consulting experience. He's helped many reputable companies like Ernst & Young, Aon, Mercer, and Conduent with their critical sales and marketing strategy, sales operations, sales leadership, and sales effectiveness needs. 

Michael founded SalesKarma to help business leaders optimize their sales team performance and results. For more experience details,  view his LinkedIn profile

Giving Back

SalesKarma is proud to return 5% of annual revenues to big impact charities and organizations:

Michael lives a "Learn-Earn-Return" lifestyle. Early in life, we spend most time in schools, at college, learning from teachers, parents, and managers. Our next life focus is typically on our ability to earn more to cover growing expenses, responsibilities (e.g. family) and better lifestyle(s). At some point, many of us choose to return more as one of our highest priorities. Imagine how much greater this world could be if everyone made it a higher priority to give more back?  

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